Hi there, you wonderfully diverse people of our Lakes District, I’m Al Angus.

I first came this way in the mid 70s and came to live permanently in the early 80s, so I’ve seen a lot of change. Financially it’s been VERY good for some, environmentally not good for most, and now it seems there is a lot of despair in our communities.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible ambulances at the bottom of the cliff. Happiness House, the Sallies, hospice, etc.

I’m standing for mayor on these major issues:

  1. The total disconnect from communities by council. I’ve been told this repeatedly at every venue I’ve spoken during the campaign. With me as mayor, you will get the phone answered! You will be listened to and your value acknowledged by action, not PR nonsense like “we’ll take that on board moving forward”.
  2. Infrastructure. It’s failing and we need fast, economical solutions. There is a lot can be done.
  3. The airport board and CEO need to be educated on what’s acceptable by their owners. US!! .We need a new constitution for this corporation.
  4. Throwing 400 people out of their affordable accommodation (Lakeview and Frankton Motor Camp) is something I simply couldn’t do. I just don’t have the gift for cruelty.
  5. Lastly, and the one that for me has surpassed all the rest. The blatant stripping of the freehold rights of around 3500 properties in the Lakes District by Wahi Tupuna [council proposal to identify sites of significance to Maori].

The chances are high this will get through, considering the present council and mayor have already signed a memorandum of understanding with Ngai Tahu for a building complex that could be built for a fraction of the cost on council-held land!

If this gets through, these landowners will have to go cap in hand to Ngai Tahu and get permission to proceed BEFORE applying to council for consents for pretty much anything.

Also, anybody sitting smugly in the Queenstown CBD thinking you’ve been let off, read the wording carefully, you’re next! This needs to be stopped, period!

This is my last election. Should I be elected there will be some serious reviewing of the current council’s decisions and questions asked about the motivation behind them.

Good luck.

  • Angus declined the opportunity to be interviewed on video.