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The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

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Wildly popular music-comedy sensation The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is back on the road this summer with its newest record, “I Love You…”, another serving of infectious, ukulele-infused hit songs.

Featuring up to a dozen ukuleles and a double bass, the orchestra juxtaposes heavenly harmonies and stunning solos against hilariously budget special effects, madcap antics and questionable banter, delighting crowds of all ages.

This tour sees the orchestra bring its charming swagger back to Otago and Southland, performing in venues that have never before hosted the band. “I’m excited about ukeing in the South Island again,” says orchestra member and University of Otago alumnus Sam Auger, adding “We’ve never played Invercargill’s Civic Theatre or the Queenstown Memorial Hall, and personally I’m really chuffed about playing a show at my namesake, Sammy’s in Dunedin!”

Lead by Age Pryor (of Fly My Pretties and The Woolshed Sessions) and starring other luminaries of the Kiwi music scene, the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra formed six years ago at a tiny café in Wellington and has since become a cult favourite, causing a mad scramble for tickets wherever it goes.

If there’s just one show you and your family must see this year, it’s the “unmissable funfest” that is the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.

Catch The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra live at Queenstown Memorial Hall, Thursday 8 March.

Mountain Scene has one double pass to the Queenstown show and a copy of the "I Love You..." CD to give away.


Competition closes Friday 2 March. Winner will be notified by phone or email.

All tickets are $38 (plus booking fee) and all ticketing info is at www.ukulele.co.nz.

“Resistance is futile” – Sunday Star-Times 

“Heading towards national treasure status” – TVNZ 

“Entertainment of the highest order” – TV3 

“An unmissable funfest” – Rip It Up magazine 

“Everyone’s favourite ukulele orchestra (well, everyone who matters)” – Ukulelehunt.com

Meet the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra here: http://youtu.be/aaO_wKjWoic

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