Maree Aoake

In Merv’s honour

By PHILIP CHANDLER Queenstown community stalwart Merv Aoake, who died a year ago, is to be honoured by the naming of a sailing scholarship. The Merv Aoake Scholarship, run by the Wakatipu Yacht Club and funded by the Queenstown Lions Club,...

This one’s for you, Merv

By TRACEY ROXBURGH It starts with a kiss. By the end of it, the motliest-looking corps de ballet you’ll ever likely see should count themselves lucky not to have pulled a hammy, or worse. The Remarkables Men’s Ballet troupe is back on...

Resort loses man of mana

By PHILIP CHANDLER A charismatic Queenstown community stalwart who died on Sunday is being remembered as big-hearted, inspirational and fun-loving. And also for his pioneering role in introducing foreign players into Japanese rugby. Merv Aoake passed away, after a short battle with...