Frankton Golf Centre

Rovers feeling the blues

By MATTHEW MCKEW Four weeks of disrupted training has left Queenstown Rovers manager ‘‘frustrated’’, to say the least, and he’s desperate to see a solution. Jamie Whitmarsh says there were some serious words had after the men’s senior football side lost...

A soldier’s century

By GUY WILLIAMS Queenstown's Alex McBurney has been to war, raised a family, and lived the Kiwi good life even shaken hands with royalty. The oldest World War II veteran living in the Wakatipu, he turned 100 on Saturday. Still living in...

Centre safe from parking

City Hall has no plans to bowl Frankton Golf Centre for parking. Dispelling rumours where a proposed park-and-ride trial will be based, councillor Alexa Forbes says the council-run facility isn't being considered. The green council rep, speaking to Mountain Scene while...