Branches Charitable Trust

Student labouring

By MATTHEW MCKEW Nothing's normal this year and even the annual Year 10 Work Day’s been through a change, but perhaps for the better, the organiser says. For well over 50 years, Wakatipu High students in Queenstown have gone on ‘‘an...

Iconic school camp chronicled

As Wakatipu High's Year 10 students prepare for their 'rite of passage' camp, Branches Charitable Trust has published 320-page history of it. Philip Chandler into the camp's origins, 52 years ago, and the role played by camp pioneer Ian...

Knockout event all round

With more than $40,000 raised, the presentation of a historic belt to a previous contender, and one of the best amateur boxing bouts Queenstown has seen, Thriller 2016 was a knockout. About 1250 people packed into the Queenstown Events Centre...