You can’t touch this??you can run it


Organisers of Queenstown’s longest-running touch competition are handing over responsibility to keep the ball rolling. 

Hospitality owner Grant “Spud” Murphy and his wife Lisa have signed up Wakatipu Rugby Club to help run this year’s Summer Touch 7s competition, which kicks off tomorrow night. 

The couple, who own Chicos and Old Man Rock, have had the busy job of coordinating draws, organising fields at the Recreation Ground and Queenstown Primary plus marking out playing areas. 

“We’ve been running it for 14 years and at some stage I’d like to hand it over to a sports club,” Grant explains. 

“We tried to do it a few years ago [with another group] but it wasn’t successful. But with the administration that’s on at the rugby club we’ve got a great opportunity to do it now. 

“I’ll still be associated with it right through but handing it over to the rugby club will mean, in reality, they should be more qualified to deal with it.” 

The 12-week mixed social comp originally started out with eight teams but quickly grew to up to 600 players across three grades. 

So far 12 teams have signed up but Grant expects plenty more to join. Games – held between 6-7.30pm every Friday – will be played at Queenstown Primary and Warren Park, by Wakatipu High, for the next three weeks.