Wrestlers go full throttle


Trash talk is intensifying between two wrestlers whose rematch this Saturday will be a highlight of Queenstown’s first pro wrestling show.

Queenstown wrestler Marc ‘Hooligan Marcus Kool’ Perry lost to Invercargill’s Troy ‘Powerhouse T-Rex’ Crosbie when they fought in the Southlander’s home city in August.

Perry, who’s boasted about his superior agility and experience, is undaunted, however: “I will now be calling him out in the hope he will have the balls to accept the challenge of coming to my home turf under a hostile environment.

“I underestimated him in Invercargill but now I know he is the real deal, so he is going to get me full throttle.”

Crosbie happily parries Perry’s comments ahead of the Queenstown Ice Arena bout: “I beat him fair and square, I don’t know what sort of leg he’s standing on.

“He may have more experience and possibly agility but at the end of the day, when you get thrown around like a rag doll, it’s pretty self-explanatory what’s going to happen.”

Crosbie, who at 120kg is 40kg heavier than Perry, also isn’t afraid about fighting in his opponent’s backyard.

“I’d imagine there’s a few people who’ll be baying for my blood but you take the good with the bad - I’ve been in that sort of situation before.”

Another highlight of Saturday’s six-bout show - which Perry and Crosbie’s non-profit club Southern Pro Wrestling NZ is organising - is a NZ tag team championships title match.

Defending NZ champions Vinny Dunn and Kingi, aka The Iwi, will take on Australia’s Jade Diamond and Slade Mercer, aka The Destroyers - a tasty bout given last weekend’s Rugby World Cup final between the two countries.

Perry: “These guys are big lads and are going to hit hard and pull no punches.”

Crosbie admits that showmanship is a big part of pro wrestling.

“What you see is obviously brutal and it’s sore - there’s no faking it - but it’s the performance side of it which gets the fans involved.”

Bell time on Saturday is 6.30pm - Queenstown Ice Arena’s doors open 5.30pm. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for under 18s - front-row seats are $20 online.