Hoping for the best: Some of Queenstown's Wakatipu Wild women's ice hockey team


Despite Covid playing havoc with their already short season, Queenstown’s women’s ice hockey team’s refusing to give up on its dream of a home final this month.

Wakatipu Wild were supp sed to play the second round of their season in Dunedin the weekend before last, with games against all three of the NZ Women’s Ice Hockey League’s other teams.

Level 3 put paid to that, but, for now, the league’s still planning to hold the semis, final
and play-off for third and fourth in the resort on September 25-26.

Wild coach Colin McIntosh says while that plan’s ‘‘still a go at this point’’, it’ll come down
to whether the Auckland Steel will be allowed to fly south by then.

If not, they may go ahead with a three-team final, or reschedule the last two rounds to early summer.

Either way, the situation’s disappointing for his players, spread across the lower south, who’d been planning to hold a practice and then go to Dunedin, McIntosh says.

Since last month’s first round, when they won two of their three games to sit on top of the table, they’ve been keen to continue the momentum, he says.

‘‘The end goal all year long is we want to be in the position of having a final at home in  front of a big crowd.’’