White Christmas for Melissa


Arrowtown teen Melissa Jones is two weeks into a gruelling four-month training programme in Davos, Switzerland.

Ski racer Melissa, 15, spends five or six days a week on snow in preparation for races throughout Europe.

She’s among several young Wakatipu skiers and snowboarders who say goodbye to summer and Christmas with family to head to a northern hemisphere winter.

Melissa is also one of 28 talented youths who have recently been given a helping hand to sporting success by the Bruce Grant Youth Trust.

The “moderate donation” will go towards her training costs in Switzerland, mum Rosie says.

“We are really lucky to have [the trust] for youth in this area. Every little bit helps.”

Other Bruce Grant Trust recipients are: Luke Aston (basketball),

Erin Aston (netball),

Anna Nesbit, Charles Miller-Brown, Emily Good and Holly Sinclair (equestrian),

Harriet Miller-Brown, Adam Barwood, Taylor Rapley and Andrew Wylie (skiing),

Matt Soundy (free skiing),

Hamish Bagley (snowboarding),

Mitchey Greig (skier-cross),

Brett Anderson (rugby),

Harry James and Ben McLachlan (tennis),

Connor Harrison, Mitchell Frear and Lachlan Frear (ice hockey)

Amelia Kinnaird (triathlon),

Anna Leat (karate) and

Rebecca Hasselman (art).