We’re peaking at the double


Two competitors in Saturday’s Peak to Peak multisport race will be uniquely bound together. 

Partners Richie Lambert and Sarah Cole will tackle the 44km race as a tandem team. 

They’ll snowboard down The Remarkables roped together, share a tandem mountain bike down the skifield road then a tandem kayak from Frankton Beach to Queenstown Bay, race three-legged to Coronet Peak Hotel then tandem bike again up Coronet Peak Road. 

Lambert, 34, who runs Funktional Fitness with Cole, 36, says “we’re always at events, trying to get our clients doing stuff and a lot of it we take seriously. 

“It’s good to do stuff not so seriously. 

“I reckon we won’t be last – we’ll be trailing at the beginning but I think we’ll make a lot of time up on the kayak and the uphill climb.” 

But the three-legged run, which they’d not practised till this week, could be a worry, Lambert concedes. 

“That could make or break our [10-year] relationship. 

“If we overtake anyone on the three-legged run, I’ll be amazed.”