Up hill, down dale – around lake


If you think walking or running 206km round Lake Wakatipu might be a breeze, you haven’t heard of Mt Dick.

Inspired by veteran multisport mates Geoff Hunt and Tom Pryde, a group of 59 locals last Sunday marked their completion or near-completion of the circumnavigation.

Eight months on from beginning their challenge, the hardy group made a ceremonial walk to Queens­town Bay’s Memorial Gates.

Reminiscing at a party that night, the circumnavigators invariably singled out the 1500m ascent of Mt Dick near Kingston as their toughest challenge.

Two of them, Kaye Parker and Kay Turner, even sported T-shirts referring to the needling effects of Mt Dick’s Spaniard grass.

Walkers told of clambering, often on hands and knees, to find their way through tussocks and snow with no track to guide them – some for an exhausting 10 hours or more.

Many took days to recover from the descent.

On the other hand, self-confessed “freak” Robina Bodle boasted she climbed Mt Dick twice.

Barry Robertson issued a warning to fellow circumnavigators – next time you drive to Kingston, avoid the temptation to stare too hard across to Mt Dick, otherwise you might end up in the lake.