Tri-ing hard to stay young


Modest Queenstown triathlete Sue Mavor reckons the main reason she competes is to stay young and eat whatever she wants.

“I’m trying to stop the ageing process … and to eat cakes, chocolate – anything. If you train, you can,” the 45-year-old council policy analyst jokes.

But the self-confessed “fitness freak” also enters triathlons for participation – which is why a new Wakatipu tri series appeals to her.

Mavor plans to complete all four races in the new Southern Tri Series run by Motatapu organisers Iconic Adventures.

The first triathlon, a new 500 metre swim, 20km bike and 5km run event at Jack’s Point, is on Sunday.

Iconic has bundled the Jack’s Point event with the longstanding and well-known Paradise and Lake Hayes triathlons into a new series challenge for keen multisporters during the summer.

“I thought I’d give them a go. There aren’t that many down south so you have to do them while you can,” Mavor says.

The veteran competitor has been competing in triathlons for 10 years and now trains six days a week.
She finished third in last year’s Lake Hayes Christmas triathlon.

“But I only think it was because there weren’t many veteran women in it. So I did really well – but I don’t think it was because I had done a superb time,” she laughs.

“I started off doing triathlons having done very little … so people shouldn’t be scared of giving it a go – anyone can do it if they really want to. It’s about getting out there and enjoying it.”

Iconic boss Tracey Neil says the whole idea is about people “giving it a go”.

“It’s getting people’s bums off seats and getting them out there and doing it.

“Now you’ve got four opportunities to get out there and do it and you don’t have to travel out of the district to start learning how to do triathlon.”

The next date in the series is the Lake Hayes triathlon on December 27, followed by Paradise on February 21 and the final Lake Hayes event on April 2.

Athletes can enter some or all of the four events. Organisers will tally an individual’s time-based points from each race.