Thrill-seeking Wells bros back in the swing


The four brothers from Wanaka’s superstar skiing family sampled a whole new adrenaline rush last Sunday. 

World number one ranked freeskier Jossi Wells, 20, and ski demons Byron, 18, Beau-James, 15, and Jackson, 12, had a fun-filled family day – getting dropped from stomach-churning heights on the world’s highest swing, the Nevis Arc. 

“It was sick, so much fun,” Jossi says. 

The four lads were invited to test out the swing by AJ Hackett bungy for the Arc’s second birthday. 

“We’ve just kind grown up in Wanaka and never kind of thought to do the tourist stuff or stuff over here so it’s pretty rad to come over and do it,” Jossi explains. 

Thrill-seekers Jossi and Byron paired up for three turns on the 300 metre-long swing – including an upside down back-to-back combo – while younger siblings Beau-James and Jackson went once. 

With their parents looking on, the eldest two also launched themselves off the 134m high Nevis bungy. 

Both experiences were “terrifying” Jossi says. 

“With what we normally do, we’re in control of it all and if we mess up it’s our own fault, kind of. But here you’re just kind of handing your life over to a bungy cord – which is definitely a different rush.” 

All four snow bros will soon be carving up Colorado slopes when the family follows the winter to the USA on November 25.