They tri their hearts out chasing glory


Small fry made a big effort at Saturday’s 2008 Outside Sports Classic Kids End of School Triathlon.

Sport Central’s Bill Godsall says 197 kids aged five to 13-plus turned out to Frankton Reserve for the race – about the same as the 2007 field.

But not everyone came out unscathed.

“A couple of kids fell off their bikes – but nobody got injured,” says Godsall. “That’s pretty normal when they’re trying to go fast.”

Race lengths varied from an 80-metre swim, 1km bike ride and 1km run to a 250m swim, 10km bike ride and 5km run.

Individual winners were:

Alex Barle (boys 5-6 years), Indigo Little (girls 5-6 years), Gregor Findlay (boys 7-8 years), Britta Collins (girls 7-8 years), Fletcher Sharman (boys 9-10 years), Kenzie Findlay (girls 9-10 years), Fynn Thompson (boys 11-12 years), Jodie Llewellyn (girls 11-12 years) and Jaime Kruijer (girls 13-plus years).
Team winners were: Tigers (boys 5-6 years), The Pop Power Girls (girls 5-6 years), Wakatipu Rockets (boys 7-8 years), The Swifts (girls 7-8 years), The Boom Boom Boys (boys 9-10 years), Girl Power (girls 9-10 years), Awesome (boys 11-12 years), Bollinger, Speight & Burdon (girls 11-12 years), The Rascals (mixed 5-6 years), Speeders (mixed 7-8 years), The Marmite Sandwiches (mixed 9-10 years), The Heshes (mixed 11-12 years) and FMV (mixed 13-plus years).