Study buddies all done


Two Queenstown-based snow athletes have been helping each other balance fulltime study and elite sport. 

Queenstown freeskier Mitchey Greig, 22, and Canada’s Queenstown-based biathlon competitor Sarah Murphy, 23, have both competed at international level whilst doing the same course at Queenstown Resort College. 

The pair, who are also flatmates, complete final assessments for their adventure tourism management diplomas tomorrow before graduation next year. 

Murphy says she’s missed a lot of classes when competing but it’s been helpful to have Greig for mutual study support. 

“She’ll go heliskiing with North Face for a week and then I’ll go train for a week – and then we’ll swap notes. You learn to figure out how other people learn. 

“We’re both very intrinsic people and understand each other.” 

Murphy also credits the college for allowing her some flexibility to balance class and training. 

“I had a two-week long international camp and it was totally fine for me to miss school and they totally helped me catch up.” 

Murphy plans to chase the snow and head back to Canada next month to build up for Winter Olympics qualifying and the race season in Europe. 

Greig says it’s been interesting trying to juggle everything but she’s focused on study this year, saying she’s spent about half the time she normally does on the slopes. 

“Skiing has still been a high priority but I’ve made sure the study gets done.” 

Greig says the extra downtime has also allowed her body to recover from a blown knee and shoulder surgery last season. 

“Your body needs time to recover and this season has given me time to do proper rehab.”