Stage set for more top-rope action


A big crowd was treated to a brutal ‘no rules’ fight at the end of Queenstown’s first pro wrestling show last Saturday.

After the second bout, Queenstowner Marc ‘Hooligan Marcus Kool’ Perry called out Invercargill’s Troy
‘Powerhouse T-Rex’ Crosbie for a rematch after losing to him in the Southlander’s home city in August.

When Crosbie declined, saying he had nothing to prove, Perry upped the ante: “That’s fair enough but how about we have no rules this time, no disqualifications?”

Crosbie accepted, setting the scene for a no-holds-barred fight in which chairs were swung, Perry shoved Crosbie through a table and the men fought in the stands.

Perry started well, dodging Crosbie when he charged at him, causing him to fall out of the ring and twist his knee.

Crosbie found his feet, however, and landed some big moves.

“He’s just a big strong lad - when he hits, he hits pretty hard,” Perry, who hurt his ribs, says.

“He just threw me around like a rag doll.”

Buoyed by his home crowd, however, Perry got on top and eventually pinned Crosbie to the floor for three counts after a few near-falls.

In another highlight, the New Zealand team of Vinny Dunn and Kingi, aka The Iwi, defended their NZ tag team title against Aussies Jade Diamond and Slade Mercer, aka The Destroyer.

In other bouts, Johnny Idol defeated Travis Banks, who brought along his wrestling ‘bitch” Carmen Rose, James Shaw beat ‘King’ Wilbur and Charlie Roberts defeated Hustla.

After competing earlier, Idol filled in for an injured Aaron Henry for a fight with Shane Sinclair, but lost. 

Perry says he was delighted with the enthusiasm shown by the noisy crowd of more than 350 at the Queenstown Ice Arena.

“It really couldn’t have gone any better.”

Perry organised the show in conjunction with Crosbie, through their non-profit club Southern Pro Wrestling NZ, which also owns the six by six metre wrestling ring they deployed.

The duo are keen to stage another show next year.