Skills and chills


Local plumber Emile Bomer is making the most of Queenstown’s frosty winter mornings – when he’s not repairing frozen pipes, he’s skating on ice. 

Keen ice hockey players Bomer and Tony Patterson (far right) are pictured honing their skills on an iced-over pond near Dalefield Road last Saturday. 

“It’s a bit like going to the park and kicking the ball, we just go play a little bit of sticks and hockey,” Bomer says.
Bomer is keeping the exact location of the natural ice rink quiet so he can enjoy it with his mates. 

“There’s a very strong ice hockey community in Queenstown – there’s probably a good couple of hundred people that play – so if you find a pond, you just ring up your friends and go ice-skating,” he says. 

“We’re just enjoying the winter wonderland.”