Sevens may return to Queenstown


National Sevens 2013


New Zealand Rugby Union president and former All Black great Bryan Williams doesn’t rule out the National Sevens returning to Queens­town. 

The resort has staged the past 10 tournaments but has lost hosting rights to the North Island’s Rotorua for the next two years. 

Williams – attending his second Queens­town Sevens last weekend – says this tournament even surpassed last year’s. 

“It’s been a magnificent 10-year period and NZ rugby really does thank the organising committee, Sevens with Altitude, and Otago Rugby Union and Otago Country, for putting on such a great display. 

“I guess there will be disappointment about moving on but it’s an open process and it’s a national competition so it might come back one day.” 

Central Lakes Trust boss Paul Allison believes Queens­town may well get the Sevens back after Rotorua’s two tournaments. 

“The feedback that I’ve had from players, spectators and some of the organisers is they want it to be retained here and they’re very disappointed to lose it – including some of the key funders.” 

Maurice Hayes, chairman of principal sponsor Pub Charity says: “We’re very proud to be associated because it’s been a very professional and successful tournament every year with huge community backing.” 

Sky Sport commentator Melodie Robinson says this tournament was the best Queenstown Sevens, not only because of the standard of play but also because of the crowd. 

“The crowd were unbelievable – packed it out from start to finish, behaved themselves, lots of girls, which is always nice, families, the works, they had a good time.”