School of rowing


Teachers learning the ropes on the water.

Teacher-PUPIL rivalry will take on a different form at Lake Hayes on Sunday.

It won’t be teachers dominating proceedings at the annual Lake Hayes rowing regatta – their pupils will take charge instead.

Wakatipu High numer­­acy teacher Jane Adolph, Year 7 teacher Chris Fitzpatrick, music teacher Alison Price and Arrow­town Preschool head teacher Jane Foster have joined forces for their first season on the water as
a quad – with rowing stalwart Dot Arnestedt as coach and cox.

But while the women plan on giving the end-of-season regatta a crack for fun, about 20 Wakatipu High students are deadly serious about defending club titles on the water against rival clubs from Dunedin, Invercargill, Oamaru and Wanaka.

The teachers see the sport as a good form of social exercise and aren’t in it to be competitive.

The social side has surprised some of the teens: “They are all ‘teachery’ at school but when they are out rowing they are completely different,” Kelby Buchanan, 14, says.

“It’s like they have lives,” adds Jordan Howell, 15.

Nevertheless, the young ones are encouraging their elders in their new sport. “Just like they are supportive of us with what we do,” says 15-year-old Ariana Horsley.

About 40 club members will be competing in Sunday’s regatta, which starts at 9am.