Save our course


The Wakatipu’s oldest golf club is hitting the streets in its battle to keep Frankton’s nine-hole course.

Course operator Queenstown Golf Club wants signatures to halt Queenstown Lakes District Council plans to end its lease, expiring in 2012.

QGC chair Peter Adams says they’re determined not to let the facility be lost to the local community.
“We think we’ve been extremely badly treated.

“We’ve haven’t even been consulted on what should happen to the land, which is hardly public consultation.”

In the latest QLDC newsletter Scuttlebutt the council maintains there’s been no decision on whether the activity of golf is able to continue on all or part of the land.

It is earmarked for planned Events Centre expansions by QLDC quango Lakes Leisure.

The strategic plan identifies the need to use the land for future playing fields and that strategy has been provided to the golf course and been publicly consulted on, Scuttlebutt says.

Scuttlebutt also disputes claims the course is on land gifted solely for the purpose of golf.

Frankton Community Association president Richard Stringer says the committee fully backs QGC’s petition and also disagrees with a number of points in Scuttlebutt.

“We’ve always felt the Frankton Golf Course is a community facility that’s too important to lose.

“I disagree there’s been public consultation – to the best of our knowledge only previous golf committees and other sporting user groups have been consulted,” Stringer says.

He also argues the land was gifted by the Jardines for sports and recreation but with a focus on golf.

Stringer and his committee will work alongside the QGC to present the petition to council in February next year with the hope of retaining the land as a golf course.

“Re-establishing a golf course is an incredibly expensive exercise and if that course is lost I doubt it will ever be built again,” he says.

“We don’t understand the mentality of destroying something that’s already there to build sports fields when they can be built somewhere else.”

Peter Adams Queenstown Golf Club chair gives his opinion