Run price rise is no biggie’


A Queenstown running series organiser is confident a $5 entry fee rise won’t deter entrants. 

The 5km and 10km Saturday runs at Jack’s Point will now cost $15 and $20 respectively to enter. 

“It’s half of what you pay for a lot of other events,” The Frontrunner Series organiser Adrian Bailey says. 

“If I wanted to make money I’d be charging $40 for 10km.” 

Bailey adds this is the first price rise in four years: “The insurances, website/poster design, promotional stuff, everything is going up.” 

For the first time Bailey is waiving the entry fee for under-10s. 

“I want the kids to see what it’s all about,” he says. 

The monthly runs attract about 200 in winter and more in spring. 

“I established the series during the winter as there’s not many other events on and it gets people out there and active and motivated. 

“At Jack’s Point you can also chill out with a coffee afterwards.” 

The final race on November 24 again incorporates a half-marathon. 

Those taking part in four of the seven races can win a trip to the Galapagos Islands, near South America. 

Saturday’s 5km/10km races start 10am from Jack’s Point Clubhouse; registration 8.45am-9.45am