Rookie’s Peak to Peak push


Multisport athlete Kat Bulk is a Peak to Peak virgin but the Queenstown newbie is ready for the

Having completed Coast to Coast earlier this year, she reckons she would be crazy not to take part in what she describes as an iconic sporting event.

Saturday’s Peak to Peak links The Remarkables to Coronet Peak and athletes race by ski, snowboard, mountain and road bike, kayak and foot from start to finish.

Bulk moved to Queenstown a couple of months back to help with her multisport training.

“Training here makes everything much more accessible. You just step out your door and you are in the
lake or on the mountain - for what I do this is the place to be.”

More than 180 people have signed up to compete, including individuals and team participants.

Bulk is hoping to compete as an individual, but a recent knee injury could scupper that.

Winter training has been a challenge, particularly on the lake.

“When you are in your kayak and your hands and hair are frozen - that’s tough.”

She’s most nervous about skiing but reckons she’ll be motivated by the competition aspect, as well as the spectacular scenery along the route.

Event organiser Geoff Hunt says it’s one of the most challenging events in the country.

“The skiing part makes it quite rare. As multisport athletes, skiing isn’t something they are used to - they don’t do it every day.”

The uphill to Coronet Peak is described as the most gruelling aspect and winter conditions can be tough for participants, particularly if they are faced with dodgy weather.

Hunt reckons the fact many athletes come back again and again is testimony to its success.

The 44km race starts on The Remarkables this Saturday.