Raising the bar

Local hopes: Lucille Lebowski, left, and Zoe Ednay, who'll showcase contemporary barefoot and showgirl pole dance styles, respectively

A men’s world champion pole dancer is guest performing at tomorrow’s 2019 Miss Pole Dance NZ competition in Queenstown.

Australian Adam Lin, who’s twice won the worldwide Mr Pole Dance competition, will also be one of the three judges.

Sixteen contestants, from around NZ, chosen from 28 video entries, will be vying for the Miss Pole Dance NZ title.

It’s the second year the competition – NZ’s oldest pole comp – has been hosted by Queenstown Pole Studio owner Raha Sangsari.

Among the competitors are two of her students, Lucille Lebowski and Zoe Ednay, who also competed last year.

Ednay, at the time, was living in Auckland, but she’s since moved here and in the past year has won several titles including Miss Pole Queen NZ.

Sangsari says the standard of competition lifts every year.

“There are more competitions coming up in NZ so that makes the girls step up their game”.

Tomorrow’s show, starting 7pm at Queenstown Memorial Centre, opens with a a number by Queenstown Pole Studio students and instructors, along with music by local band Black Lion, headed by Kayne Taylor.

Tickets – $120 VIP, $60 general admission – are for sale on the door or online.