Rail jam riders thrill 3000-strong crowd


A top Kiwi snowboarder has taken out Queenstown’s hugely popular Parklife Invitational rail jam event.
Nick Brown, of Hastings, walked away with the $2000 cash prize for first overall – he was among 40 freestyle skiers and riders who thrilled a 3000-strong crowd at Queenstown’s Earnslaw Park on Friday night. 

Thubga Josayama of Wanaka pulled off the best trick on the 27-metre-long snow ramp. 

Ross Lawrence, ski area manager of Queenstown’s The Remarkables, says he’s delighted to have delivered a fantastic free event that had everyone in town buzzing. 

“The Parklife Invitational for 2011 has been the best yet, in talent, crowd and atmosphere. The talent’s right here and it’s great to have this sort of spectacle in town for everyone to enjoy. 

“It’s been a crisp and clear night, lit by a full moon which just adds to the atmosphere.” 

Top Queenstown snowboarder Nick Hyne was among the riders while Wanaka freeski brothers Jackson and Beau Wells – aged 13 and 15 respectively – were among the skiers.

Overall winner:
Nick Brown, of Hastings (snowboarder)
Best trick: Thubga Josayama, of Wanaka
Best male skier: Gus Kenworthy, of USA
Best female boarder: Jen Brown, of UK and instructor at The Remarkables
Best female skier: Jule Seifert, of Germany