Queenstown Winter Classic win for Warner nice bro!


An American ski racer with impressive World Championship results has blitzed the local Winter Classic today.

Warner Nickerson, racing for local team Searle Lane, posted the fastest run on the slalom course up Coronet Peak of 24.62 seconds.

It helped his team, which boasted Queenstowner James Arnott, take out the ‘serious’ team category ahead of The Cow, Sotherby’s and Brown’s Ski Shop.

It was the second leg of the six-race Winter Classic.

Results (Winter Classic race two)

TEAM (serious)
1st – Searle Lane; 2nd – The Cow; 3rd – Sotherby’s; 4th – Browns Ski Shop

TEAM (masters)
1st – Two Paddocks; 2nd – Ray White Arrowtown; 3rd – Solo; 4th – Gobblers

TEAM (social)
1st – Brown’s Rental; 2nd – Flirtinis; 3rd – Slopes; 4th – Mental Bloody Frentals

INDIVIDUAL (Men Masters)
1st – Jon Wardrop (Two Paddocks) in 60.60; 2nd – Geoff Hunt (Two Paddocks) in 61.13; 3rd – Mark Vryenhoek (The Cow) in 61.98
INDIVIDUAL (Women Masters)
1st – Deanie (Two Paddocks) in 69.59; 2nd – Nikki Vryenhoek (The Cow) in 70.28; 3rd – Liz Wallace (Solo) in 73.73
INDIVIDUAL (Men Serious)
1st – Warner Nickerson (Searle Lane) in 51.01; 2nd – Lawrence (Brown’s Ski Shop) in 53.37; 3rd – James Arnott (Searle Lane) in 54.18
INDIVIDUAL (Women Serious)
1st – Celine Arnold (The Cow) in 54.48; 2nd – Erika Harris (Sotheby’s) in 56.02; 3rd – Karolina Klimek (Searle Lane) in 57.24
1st – Wayne Jack in 61.92; 2nd – Ondra Basek (Slopes)_ in 62.17; 3rd – Mark Tylden in 62.22
INDIVIDUAL (Women social)
1st – Sarah Robinson (Flirtinis) in 79.44; 2nd – Haylee Roberts (Flirtinis) in 85.23; 3rd – Christina Shaw (Flirtinis) in 89.49