Queenstown one-day cricket international abandoned


Queenstown’s one-day international cricket battle between New Zealand and Pakistan has been officially abandoned due to wet weather. 

The incredibly short-lived game was canned at 3.21pm.

The action was scheduled to start at 11am today but was delayed until noon due to showers.

Pakistan made 31 runs from four overs in about 20 minutes of play before the match was rained off. 

Local meteorologist David Crow expects the rain to get steadier today.

“I think this rain will persist all afternoon,” Crow predicts, adding: “I hate to say it but I’m only telling the truth.” 

There’s no reserve day for the ODI. 

The previous one-day international two summers ago against the West Indies was also rained off.

Despite the drizzle, Pakistani one-day cricket captain Shahid Afridi has been raving about the resort. 

“I feel I am in heaven. This place is beautiful,” he told ESPN Cricinfo