Queenstown ice hockey player raises 100 games for Stampede


Queenstown forward Braden Lee shows his silky ice hockey skills as he brings up 100 games for the Southern Stampede last Saturday. 

The Stampede, in its final outings of the season, squared last weekend’s double-header against defending champions and league finalists Canterbury Red Devils, winning 6-3 on Friday then losing just 5-4 the following night. 

“We feel like we finished on a real high, this team that we played is heavily favoured to win the championship,” captain Bert Haines says. 

The results mean the Stampede wound up third in the league. 

“That was kind of our own little final so we’re pretty happy with that, it showed a lot of character.” 

Haines salutes Lee’s “great accomplishment”. 

“He’s a gritty, hard-working forward.” 

Lee, 30, a former Ice Black, first played for the Stampede in 2006.