Queenstown bike trails could be renamed


The burgeoning popularity of Ben Lomond as a mountain biking destination means the local trails could be renamed.

Queenstown Lakes District Council community services committee will consider whether the bike trails within Ben Lomond Reserve should be dubbed ‘Queenstown Bike Park’ next Tuesday.

The local trails have become increasingly popular since Skyline opened its gondola to riders in January.

In a report to the committee, district forester Briana Pringle says the trails currently get called a range of different names which can be confusing.

“There is value in giving the trails one name which can be used in print, online and through word of mouth,” Pringle says.

Pringle says ‘Queenstown Bike Park’ sums up what’s happening on the hill.

The title ‘Ben Lomond’ was mooted during discussions with Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, Skyline, Vertigo and park users since there are other locations with the same name around the world, the report says.