Pole queens on form


These Queenstown Pole Fitness Studio members strut their stuff at the Miss Pole Dance New Zealand competition.

Lydia Barbour, a former NZ gymnastic squad member, came third in the women’s elite category, after pole dancing for just 18 months.

Former studio owner Anna Ashton, who won a sponsor’s choice award in the ‘semi-pro’ category, says the standard at the annual event in Wellington was intense and for Barbour to get a placing in such a relatively short time is “freakin’ awesome”.

Other Queenstown studio members to make the finals, which were held two weeks ago, were Corrina Ratana, pole fitness studio owner Raha Sangsari and Yuka Adachi.

Ashton, who gave birth to twins a year ago, says the training is huge for the events: “[But] we love caning ourselves and being super-fit and strong.”