Paterson and the Proteas


Queens­towner Ian Paterson is sleeping with the enemy for this summer’s cricket season. 

Paterson is enjoying his new role as New Zealand Cricket’s international touring team liaison officer. 

Last Friday he finished with the Zim­babwe team to prepare to welcome the crack South African team into the country. 
The team even brought him their full uniform kit. 

“People will probably shoot me because I’m wearing the South African training gear,” he says. 

Paterson’s job, from early morning till night, is mainly coordinating logistics including laundry, transport and accommodation arrangements – arriving at airports early to collect the team’s boarding passes, for example. 

The Proteas are travelling with nearly 80 luggage bags, too much to be flown round, so a transport removal truck is being used, Paterson says. 

“I can’t get any closer to the team – you’re in their changing room, hotel, team meetings.” 

An ex-Queens­town Events Centre manager and Otago Country Cricket chairman, Paterson, 52, first took a NZ Cricket liaison role for the second-tier English Lions’ visit in 2009.