Ama harm: Wakatipu Waka Ama Club's Leon Williams with the vandalised ama


Wakatipu Waka Ama Club paddlers are outraged one of their valuable canoes has been vandalised.

The ama, or outrigger, on a six-person waka, ‘Te Ao Hurihuri’, was severed from its waka overnight, last Friday, and probably irreparably damaged.

Club captain/coach Leon Williams says it’s clear the waka was put upright and taken from its Kelvin Peninsula storage base.

‘‘It’s been taken into the water and it’s then been dragged up the beach, across the schist
gravel, and the ama has been stomped on.

‘‘I think it’s sad, really, this is something that’s valuable for our kids plus our adults.’’

Williams says cosmetic work’s also needed on the canoe itself as it was scratched.

The timing’s bad given more paddlers are taking to the water as the weather warms.

As a temporary measure, an ama from another canoe’s being utilised ‘‘until we get it
replaced or repaired’’.