One day skinning on the mountain


A dawn skin and ski is a weekly jaunt for diehard Queenstown powder fans Emile Bomer (top left), Stephen Counsell and Matt Carter – and their dogs. 

The three friends head to Coronet Peak’s Greengates carpark on Tuesdays or Thursdays, where they slip skins – material that allows forward but not backward movement – on their touring skis and trudge up the slopes for a swift adrenaline rush. 

“Some people meet up with their mates for a coffee but we meet up and go for a quick skin up Coronet,” Bomer says. 

It takes the dedicated trio – with pooches in tow – about 45 minutes to trek to the top of the Greengates Express – all for a 15-minute ski back down before getting to work about 8am. 

Bomer, who’s been following the same mountain routine for about five years, shrugs off the morning workout. 

“It’s not too bad – you just plug away. It’s just great extra fitness, really.” 

However, Bomer is grateful the days are now getting longer. 

“We don’t have to go up in the dark with our head torches anymore,” he says.