Not easy on the ice


It isn’t easy for a guy attending a boys’ private school to become an international figure skater – just ask Queenstowner Chris Boyd (right).

The 18-year-old represented New Zealand in the rink at last year’s Winter Games and this week he’s in Brisbane for the four-day Winter Sun competition.

Being the country’s only junior men’s division competitor, Boyd is looking forward to testing his talent against his Aussie counterparts. But he says he’s had to cop plenty of flak from other teenage lads at Christ’s College in Christchurch because he’s tackled a sport that’s outside the square.

“In the past I’ve had to put up with quite a lot about it but I’ve sort of moved passed it,” Boyd says.

The Year 13 student, who has been figure skating for nine years, says he now deals with any schoolyard hassle by thinking to himself: “I’m representing the country, what the hell are you doing?”