Nicole steps up to ultra run


Nicole Fairweather reckons she’s done with steps.

After running up 8000 of them in one day, that’s probably fair enough.

The Queenstowner, 44, has just competed in last weekend’s gruelling 50km Ultra-Trail Australia.

“It was tough, there were a lot of steps in it,” she says.

“It was a big day out in the bush.”

Starting with the Ultra-Trail Australia 100 in 2008, the event expanded to include other distances, including the 50km.

Featuring a tough 2400 metre climb, it follows the second half of the 100km route through the Kedumba Valley in New South Wales.

Fairweather finished the run in 8hrs, 27 mins.

“I’m actually a bit disappointed, but I’m always disappointed, I shouldn’t dwell on that,” she says.

“It was a good day, it was good to achieve it, I should be proud of myself.”

Fairweather, who is the race director for the Queenstown Marathon, says she’s done a few marathons and half-marathons, but last August decided it was time to “walk the talk”.

“I always get other people to do our races, I figured I should give it a go.

“Who wouldn’t want to run through the Blue Mountains, it’s pretty spectacular.”

She’s got a few marathons on the horizon, saying she wants to “mix it up”.

“I don’t quite think steps are for me.”

Fellow Queenstowners Bernard Robinson and Motatapu race director Danielle Sherman also competed in the race, in the 100km and 50km respectively.