News Queenstown Twenty/20 team


New team the Boydtown Chargers will add spice to this summer’s Mountain Scene Twenty/20 cricket league, starting at the weekend.

Boydtown replaces the Fernhill/Sunshine Goats, winners of the original competition in the 2008/’09, who couldn’t muster enough players.

Former Central Queenstown Pelican player Henry Youngman says the Chargers were happy to fill the slot: “Much like a novelty-sized packet of Selleys No More Gaps”.

Youngman, who boxed in this year’s Mountain Scene Thriller in the Chiller and was Wakatipu Premiers rugby team’s player of the year, says his cricket career peaked at age 11 but the short form of the game stimulates him.

“The longer form wore at me like a borer bug in a rich mahogany desk.”

Youngman says his team’s nucleus comprises Brett ‘Big Show’ Anderson and club cricketer Shaun McKone, but they’ve also picked up leading ice hockey-playing brothers Cameron and Mitchell Frear.

The team name of Boydtown stems from the Boyd family, who developed property on Hamilton Road in the 1970s. That area became known as Boydtown, but it didn’t extend as far as Queenstown’s CBD – Wakatipu High is in that area and most of the chargers went to the school.

Interest will also centre this year on whether Arrowtown can win for a third season in a row.

League organiser Maurice Fordham says the team’s strength is “they just play smarter – that has got a lot to do with [captain] Hayden Finch’s influence”.

Fordham is picking that Arrowtown will for the second season running meet the Kelvin Heights Ducks in the final.
Kelvin Heights will be boosted this season by the league’s first woman player, ex-White Fern legspinner Emma Campbell.

DRAW (all at Events Centre): Friday 5.30pm QEC1: Central Queenstown v Frankton; QEC2: Lake Hayes Estate v Arrowtown Sunday 1.00pm QEC1: Wakatipu v Boydtown; QEC2: Kelvin Heights v Jack’s Point