New Remarks route


Purist rock climbers have set out new vertigo-inducing routes in the mountains high above Queenstown. 

Rupert Gardiner, Dave Bolger and Chris Prudden have completed three new climbs in cliffs above Lake Alta in the Remarkables – which they now get to name. 

Prudden says: “You just look at the mountain, decide on a possible route and then take it on. 

“Up in the Remarkables there is plenty of scope for what we call climbing on natural equipment, which is where everything that you place in the rock is all removable. 

“It requires a different style of climbing and a good know­ledge of the rock. It’s come what may – you might get half-way up and find there’s no way on.” 

The experienced locals set out routes graded 20, 16 and 14 two weeks ago. 

Prudden: “Remarkables is a fantastic destination simply because of its accessibility by the ski-field road. 

“You can get up there and get your mountain buzz fairly quickly.”