Get it, girl: ASAP Training Hawea owner and coach Megan Jerrery deadlifting in preparation for today's Supertotal event in Queenstown


New Zealand’s inaugural Supertotal Weightlifting comp is finally getting off the ground in Queenstown this weekend, after being delayed numerous times due to Covid-19.

The Supertotal’s a combo of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

It’s being held at Remarkables CrossFit today, being hosted by Otago Weightlifting and Southern Powerlifting.

Competitors will have three cracks each to find their max snatch, clean and jerk, back squat, benchpress and deadlift.

The Supertotal event director, Anna Claire Thompson — who’s also a competitive powerlifter — says given the dearth of international comps for powerlifters and weightlifters, the event’s a fresh challenge for athletes who like competing in one strength sport to try out another.

To date, 10 men and eight women have entered, mostly current lifters, but there are also a couple who normally do CrossFit or general strength training.

Included in those lining up to compete are Otago Amateur Weightlifting Association president Callan Helms and ASAP Training Hawea owner and coach Megan Jeffery.

She’s pumped to compete and has been since she heard about it at the start of the year.

‘‘It’s definitely a competition that is outside of my comfort zone but that’s what makes it appealing.

‘‘Normally you would enter an event because it’s something you have been training specifically for but this one is different.

‘‘I train specifically for powerlifting so it’s highly likely I will struggle with the Olympic lifting, but I know everyone else that is competing alongside me will be in the same position so that makes it an even playing field.’’

The comp, which starts at 9am with weightlifting, followed by powerlifting at noon, is being refereed by Olympic Weightlifting NZ vice-president Shanaya Allan.

Spectators are welcome and entry’s free.