Motatapu milestone

Motatapu time: Dallas McLister and daughter Michaela at the finish-line last year

An Arrowtown cycling nut’s getting ready to mark his 15th Macpac Motatapu as the event celebrates a new milestone.

This weekend the multisport challenge, which starts at Motatapu Station near Lake Wanaka and finishes at Arrowtown, moves to a two-day format for the first time.

Ultra-runners, XTERRA triathletes and mountain bikers go Saturday, while those walking, jogging or running the off-road marathon and trail events go Sunday.

Arrowtowner Dallas McLister, 45, who’s ridden in every Motatapu, says the format change is “great”.

“There was always an element of congestion, you’re trying to race and there’s people walking and running on the track.”

He’s keen to hit the trails. “I love cycling, it’s a great way to meet people, you’re just out there doing it. There’s also a competitive element, I go out and race whoever’s around me. You always find someone of a similar ability.”

Last year was extra special, with daughter Michaela doing the event with her dad, but there might not be a repeat this year.

“She’s 15, so I’m not sure if she wants to hang out with her dad,” he laughs.