Luke’s record-breaking ski effort


A 15-year-old Queenstown boy has smashed the record for most ski runs in a day at Coronet Peak. 

Luke Sanderson sped down the slopes on July 28 – his 15th birthday – to clock up 100 runs and 41,940 vertical metres, blitzing the previous record of 76 runs in one day. 

The 13-hour, non-stop feat wasn’t difficult for Luke, a former member of the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team. 

“I was not that tired at the end of the day, surprisingly. It wasn’t that hard. Coronet Peak is actually a really easy ski field to ski for a long time,” he says. 

Fuelled by muesli bars and stopping only to use the toilet, Luke arrived at the ski field to begin his mission at 7.30am. 

He was first on and last off the lifts and was able to track his effort with NZSki’s Mypass technology. 

“I did load the lift at 9.02pm and the skifield closes at 9pm, but the ski patrol allowed me to go through for one more run to get a triple digit figure.” 

Luke says he went up that day intent on breaking the record, but there were times he didn’t think he’d make it to 100. 

“I just went up there and thought, ‘Ok how many can I do?’ There’s a small chance I’d hit 100. You have to be doing about seven or eight runs an hour to actually get 100.” 

Luke first skied Coronet Peak in 2003, aged six. 

“It feels really good to have broken the record.” 

The previous record was held by local 58-year-old John Frampton, who clocked up 76 runs, or 30,000 vertical metres last September. 

Luke doesn’t think his record will be broken for some time. 

“It’s just too tight. I think you could probably squeeze another one in but anything more you’d be out of time.”