Cock-a-hoop: Celebrating a hole-in-one by Tom Butters, front, last Wednesday are Frankton Masters players, from left, Dereck Bulman, Ali McLay, Steve Chisholm, George Shaw, Robert Romauch, Grant Butson and Ian Williamson


Two holes-in-one, same course, same hole, three weeks apart.

As reported in Mountain Scene on March 11, Kelvin Heights man George Shaw scored an ace on the course’s seventh hole while playing with his Frankton Masters buddies in the Wednesday night ‘twilight golf’ comp.

Last Wednesday night, one of those buddies, long-time local Tom Butters, got an ace of his own — with Shaw looking on.

Butters says when his four-strong playing group reached the seventh, they proceeded to give Shaw some ribbing about the prospects of him repeating his heroics.

‘‘I was up there saying to him ‘c’mon, show us how it’s done’ … and giving him all the statistics of him getting another hole-in-one.

‘‘He said ‘you go off first’, so I teed off and bang, a hole-in-one.

“We couldn’t believe it.’’

He’s always used an eight-iron on the hole, but decided to use a seven for the first time
ever because of a brisk head wind.

It’s his first ace in the 20 years he’s played the game, although he’s come close a couple of times.