Duane Ingley is getting out of dodge for a race this weekend.

He’s one of four South Islanders and 26 New Zealanders taking part in the Bathurst 1000 – Aussie’s biggest motorsport event in New South Wales.

“I never thought I would do it but I am nervous, yeah.”

Ingley and his muscle-car mates will compete in a side event to the 1000 kilometre race, completing a 6km track.

It’s the first time Kiwis have been invited to take part and he is pretty chuffed.

Speed will be limited to 280 kilometres per hour. He reckons that’s fast enough for older cars that aren’t so aerodynamic.

The local plumber will be driving a 1970 Dodge Challenger, a replica of American racing legend Sam Posey’s. The street-car has been transformed into a racing machine.

It was gutted, a roll cage fitted, a Nascar 750 horsepower engine added and a four-speed gearbox put in.

Ingley didn’t reveal costs – except to say it totalled reasonably big bucks.

While describing himself as a self-confessed dodge-fanatic, he isn’t confident he’ll bring home a Kiwi win – he’s picking a mid-pack finish.

“Surviving it and bringing the car back without any damage would be nice.”

The first race is today and he will also compete Saturday and Sunday.