Kate survives 108-day yoga marathon


Arrowtown mother Kate Speedy’s been working up quite a sweat – she’s knocked off 108 consecutive days of gruelling Bikram yoga. 

Kate Speedy, 35, completed the self-imposed challenge late last month at Studio Sangha’s Bikram classes and says whilst it was demanding it left her feeling invincible at times. 

The formerly competitive freestyle skier believes her regular Bikram yoga workouts – done in 38-degree heat – have also cleared historic back and neck niggles. 

Speedy seriously injured her neck aged 22 after crash-landing and knocking herself out in a big air competition in her native Australia. 

“A family friend reckoned I had my head permanently kinked – this has absolutely helped. I’ve had a lot of lower back problems where I would just seize up. 

“I don’t have any back issues any more, no physical issues.” 

Speedy got into yoga about two years ago after years of skiing and “abusing my body” leading to tight hamstrings and niggly injuries. 

“I realised I needed to do some maintenance and it’s good because ever since I’ve come in here I’ve had no problems. It mixes cardio and stretching – you’re sweating a tonne and you walk out feeling like you’ve spent one and a half hours on a treadmill.” 

Speedy decided to take up the 108-day challenge – a number with spiritual significance – alongside another local yoga fan preparing for Bikram teacher training which involves 105 classes in nine weeks. 

The hardest thing was no rest for the muscles, she says. 

“You get muscle ache and you’ve got to keep working through that. 

“I had probably three or four classes where I’d made it through the first six postures and just collapsed. 

“It ebbs and flows but your body gets to these points where you feel a bit invincible.” 

Studio Sangha, based in Industrial Place and owned by Peggy Preston, last week notched up its six-year anniversary – it also runs 30- and 60-day Bikram challenges.