Jakub’s ‘remarkable’ feat


Jakub Bouda has become the first male and second person to complete the ‘Everesting’ of Queenstown’s The Remarkables skifield road.

The local triathlete – pictured celebrating afterwards – last Saturday rode his mountain bike up and down the 13km road seven times to gain the same elevation as biking to the top of the world’s highest mountain, Mt Everest, in one session.

Local mountain biker Erin Greene first performed the feat in 2014, while Wanaka- and Auckland-based Mark Gray ‘Everested’ Queenstown’s Coronet Peak two years ago.

Bouda set off at 3.45am in cool temperatures and finished about 8.15pm for a total of 180.3km. The 30-year-old says he paced himself quite well and had a good nutrition plan, but found the sixth lap “really, really tough”.

Having other people like Ian Scott and Kat Bulk join him for the odd lap helped, while he was accompanied all the way by Jakub Mikes, who supplied him food, drinks and moral support from a vehicle.

Another supporter, Tristan Franklin, says Bouda’s physical effort was huge, “but equally, having to get up that road and back down seven times in one day is a huge mental challenge”.