Iron-clad qualification


Queenstowner Adam Wilson has secured a place at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

The 33-year-old event organiser completed the New Zealand version in Taupo last weekend in an impressive 9hr 14min 10sec.

While he’s competed in other triathlons, he tells Mountain Scene nothing compares to the ironman.

And there aren’t words to describe how it feels crossing the finish line, he says.

Even four days after the race he was sore and found it hard walking down stairs.

Wilson says after training for Ironman NZ in Lake Wakatipu, Lake Taupo was a piece of cake.

He describes the race conditions as perfect - a flat lake and no wind.

“The water temperatures were a dream, it was so much warmer. I think it helped with the swim - you don’t have that loss of breath when you get in. You are comfortable from the word go.”

Wilson’s swim and bike legs were strongest - but he reckons he faded a bit on the run due to intense heat.

But he isn’t complaining and is stoked he broke the 9:20min mark - something he wasn’t sure he could achieve.

Spectators also played a huge part.

“You don’t run more than 10 metres without someone cheering you on. When you are hurting that picks up your spirit and helps you through. People who have no clue who you are yelling your name, which is pretty cool.”

Wilson was joined by fellow Queenstowner Gareth Milne who completed the course in 14:22.04sec.

Wilson’s race time was: swim 52min 42sec, bike 4:50.04sec, run 3:24.50sec.

Milne’s race time: swim 1:15.29sec, bike 6:44.33sec, run 6:03.49sec.