Injury ends pair’s fight-night dream

No fisticuffs: Megan Mathews, left, won't be fighting Danielle Sherman PICTURE: BLAIR PATTINSON

Two Queenstown Thriller boxing contenders have been dealt a blow.

A knee injury has forced Megan Mathews to withdraw – meaning her bout with fellow Canadian Danielle Sherman has been canned.

Organiser Simon Green says the pair are gutted. Mathews got the injury early on and initial diagnosis suggested it was manageable. But heavy strapping and physio hasn’t cut the mustard.

Green: “Her knee is far from right and it simply isn’t worth the risk of making it worse or prolonging her recovery.

“She just hasn’t recovered to the point where she can fully participate in training which means she can’t prepare properly for her fight.”

Green pitched it as a much-anticipated bout given the girls’ abilities.

Mathews, 32, was returning to the Thriller ring after competing and winning her 2013 fight while Sherman, 31, is an experienced CrossFit athlete.

Sherman’s a competent boxer competing in a pretty lightweight division, which means Green can’t just slot in a replacement.

“Finding someone at her level to come in at three weeks’ notice has proved a step too far.”

The other fighters have rallied in support of the disappointed duo.

Thriller, November 26, Queenstown Events Centre. Grandstand tickets only $79