Imogen’s six-hour adventure


Eight-year-old Imogen Blance is pedalling the long road to success.

The Alexandra tyro spent almost six hours biking and running last Sunday in the annual Adventure Quest event, based this year on the Crown Range.

In wintry conditions, Imogen competed alongside mum Denise Thorn (pictured) as Team Mama and Mea in the social section of the event.

“Imogen was there until the bitter end and loved being part of the event,” organiser Geoff Hunt says.

Her dad Geoff Blance teamed up with Malcolm McLeod, also from Alex­andra, to finish second in the open section to Bruce McLeod and Phil Wood of Queenstown, who also won last year.

Dad Geoff says Imogen has competed in several kids’ triathlons in the past three years, including events in Queens­town.

Adventure Quest suited her because you can choose your own course in the search for point-scoring hidden tags, he says.

Imogen is made of the right stuff – she had to travel over twice with her family to the Crown Range last weekend after the race was postponed due to heavy snow on Saturday.

“The face of Glencoe Station underneath Crown Peak was slippery, steep, snow-covered tussock,” Hunt says.

The postponement led to about 20 two-person teams pulling out, leaving 29 teams to compete.