GODZone ‘may’ come back


Organisers of a major adventure race aren’t ruling out a return to Queenstown despite hosting rights going to Kaikoura. 

Godzone race director Adam Fairmaid (left) an­nounced last Sunday the gruelling expedition challenge would shift to Kaikoura in 2014 after being based in Queenstown for the past two years. 

Kaikoura District Council offered huge support to host the event, he says. 

“There’s every possibility it will return to Queenstown. We all live here.” 

Last year, Fairmaid told Mountain Scene that compliance costs imposed by Queenstown Lakes District Council, the Department of Conservation and Land Information New Zealand were too much – and it made running the event difficult in the area. 

The decision to shift away was not due to cheaper compliance costs elsewhere, because race organisers no longer set the course over areas requiring compliance, he says. 

“What I would say is Kaikoura has been proactive and supportive in wanting to have the race in the area. 

“I wouldn’t say anything negative about the Queenstown area, but Kaikoura has really been proactive.”
Other districts “offered support in many forms, and that makes it a lot easier for us”.