From foreign fields


Local skifields have had their competition courses beefed up to international level by overseas experts brought in for the Winter Games.

Some 35 overseas experts were flown in to produce the “best possible” terrain, park features and race courses during the inaugural event, organiser Arthur Klap says.

Cardrona park crew ramped up the skier-cross and boarder-cross course to make it more gnarly under orders of Germany’s FIS technical expert Peter Krogel. The course was made even tougher with a couple of last-minute changes, such as the addition of a massive wu-tang jump at the start.

Likewise, Klap brought in former pro and Winter X Games competition director Chris Schuster to “make a number of changes” to the slopestyle course at The Remarkables and the big air event at Coronet Peak.

Klap even brought in an “ice master” to produce high-quality ice for curling at Naseby.

“Otherwise we invite the best athletes to come here and we run the risk of what we put up [not being] up to the standard of what they need,” Klap says.

“With any of these events, the whole thing about Winter Games is not only about providing opportunities for the competitors to compete internationally but also our own upskilling of our own officials and venue crew.”