French lessons


French skateboarder Etienne Veggot (right) impressed the judges with his array of gravity-defying tricks at the 2013 Queenstown Summer Sk8 Sesh. 

The 23-year-old skater won the over-16s street section at Queenstown Gardens on Saturday. 

Wanaka’s Blair Wilkins, 11, took the under-16s title, beating his twin brother Todd into second place. Dan Kelcher was best in the bowl, while Kallan Stevens performed the highest ollie with a 82cm pop, and Taryn Lockley won best trick off the waterfall drop. 

Youth Booth organiser Fi Sawers says: “It was a really cool day. We had DJs and band The Collective Me playing, 25 competitors and a good crowd. The start was delayed due to the weather but it all came together in the afternoon.”