Crossfit founder to visit Queenstown


The founder of the world’s fastest-growing fitness craze is coming to Queenstown with his fittest followers.

American Greg Glassman, who started CrossFit in 2000, will speak at his fitness company’s annual world tour event, which Queenstown hosts January 17 to 19.

The event, capped at 450 CrossFitters, will include all-day workouts at the Recreation Ground on January 18, which the public can attend.

The workouts will be taken by the movement’s most famous other face, Dave Castro, who runs the annual CrossFit Games.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme, renowned for its high-intensity ‘workout of the day’, that has grown like topsy.

The number of affiliated CrossFit gyms or ‘boxes’ as they call them has doubled during the past year to more than 7200.

These include a local one opened this year by former Queenstown Winter Festival director Simon Green.

Green – who runs his box with head trainer Steve Orr – says CrossFit Headquarters in the United States identified Queenstown as a venue for a world tour event two years ago.

“They came out when they were scouting for venues and ran into Steve and told him he had to open a CrossFit.

“For CrossFit in New Zealand, this world tour will be one of the biggest things that will happen, especially given that the founder Greg Glassman will speak on the last day – though people have got to run up Skyline to hear him.”

Green expects about half the registrations will come from overseas, predominantly Australia and the US, including possibly half a dozen of the world’s top CrossFit athletes.

“It’s a coming together of CrossFitters from all over the world to share ideas, work out and play hard.”

Green says he’s keen to use the world tour as a catalyst to organise an annual NZ invitational competition in Queenstown.

Queenstown CrossFit athletes Danielle Sherman and Hope Bates last month finished sixth and eighth in the NZ Pound for Pound CrossFit finals in Hamilton.